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16th February 2007

12:43am: Veronica Mars 3x13
Hey, Wallace! Long time, no see. Man alive, I wish Veronica Mars had a bigger cast budget. Such awesome actors but it feels like such a long time between drinks for each one. Makes me nostalgic for the hazy days of season 1, with Wallace all day, every day. But not Duncan, never Duncan.

Things that are good:-

Weevil - love ya, Francis Capra. I don't know what's up with your skin but I hope your taking care of your health.

Weevil's car - I have a thing for vintage cars, especially 70's land-boats. Cool rims, as well.

The actor that played the little girl - I actually believed she was a little girl, not like creepy, creepy Dakota Fanning. She acted like an 11 year old. Well done.

Dick - I liked him so much, I almost forgot he encouraged his younger brother to rape an unconscious girl.
12:38am: BSG 3.14 - Ron Moore owes Paul Haggis some money.
Ha! I hope they realise that they pretty much made 'Crash' on a spaceship. Helo hates racism! Helo is giant and Canadian! Helo hates racism, with his shirt off.

Man, I bet Dualla is wishing she'd stuck with big, dumb Billy, huh? Lee sucks, even when he's barely in the episode. Hi, Tom Zarek! Nice to see you again.

15th February 2007

2:49am: Man, I have to say that everyone that has a sick and twisted sense of humour and that isnt watching "The Sarah Silverman Show" is missing out.

I love the giant orange homosexuals (Steve Agee and Brian Posehn). They really are giants and intensely geeky. Good stuff.

Also currently good:

Friday Night Lights - it really gets me in the dried-up lump of beef jerky I call a heart

Greys Anatomy - Top-notch acting, but I strangely dont care about the ferry crash. I say they kill Georges dad again. I think we can all agree TR Knight carried that show for the entire story arc.

NBC thursday line up - Hooray for sitcoms! 30 Rock gets better every week and its really hitting its stride.

2nd February 2007

11:06pm: Big Day Out 2007
Ah, it's that time of the year again. The Melbourne Big Day Out round up.

This years line up was actually a little lacklustre in comparison to previous line-ups, but that just meant that I was only missing one band for every band I did see. Princes Park still has a bad lay-out and the port-a-potties are still terrible, but apparently I'm the only person that misses the Showgrounds and their flusing toilets.

The Acts:

The DJ who was playing right before Lily Allen was pretty damn good. I even danced. Badly.

Lily Allen - I mostly went so I could get a good postion for Peaches & Hermes. Her band was great, it was like listening to elevator music crossed with every nintendo game you've ever heard, with an overlay of white-girl rap.

Peaches - Fantastic as always. Her drummer was like a big, sexy Amazon. Really different seeeing her interact with a band instead of just her and a laptop.

The Killers - Was way too far away to actually hear them, but I still had a blast singing along with 10,000 people to 'Somebody Told Me' and 'Bones'. Bonus points for wearing a three piece suit to a 12-hour rock festival held during the Australian summer, Killers fans.

Muse - As long as I live, I'll never forget the sound of 10,000+ people trying to sing falsetto. It brings tears of pure joy just thinking about it. Kudos, Muse fans. As for the band itself, they produce a freakishly big sound for four dudes on a stage. Excellent, would be even better at a proper concert.

Violent Femmes - I don't care that i'm 20 years to young for him, Brian Ritchie is a God. The things he does with a bass guitar are amazing. I could not stop looking at his hands, they're so frickin' muscular. And I love that he now lives in Tasmania. It must get kinda old for Gordon Gano that by far their most popular song is 'Blister in the Sun'. That he wrote when he was 17 years old. Must be even worse that the only song that wasn't a giant sing-a-long was 'Freak Magnet', the title track from their most recent album. It's pity about that, that album rocks.

6th April 2006

11:00pm: Sup, LJ-land? I'm delurking briefly to see if any RMIT-peeps are interested in a movie night this Tuesday, 7pm at the Kallide Theater. The Incredibles and Sin CIty for $15. Reply below and I can give you the tickets on Monday or Tuesday.

*de-lurking* It's for the Sci.Photo end of year exhibition.


26th January 2006

2:10am: Who's sexier than Gunn? That's right, not James Marsters. These are my first ever userpics. I made them smaller! And also square! I'm so very, very talented. Feel free to take, credit/comment would be nice. Photo credits go to www.jaugustrichards.com (his official site).

5th December 2005

4:35am: Ah, Triple J. You have my heart forever. You give music. You give me free mp3's. You give news. But most of all, you give me Hack. Which gives me in the same 30 minute show:

- A story on a group which tests party drugs at raves
- An interview with a former UN weapons inspector
- A story on straight girls going their boyfriends with a strap-on, featuring the phrase "bend over boyfriend" which is totally my new band name.

http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hack/podcast/tuesday/hack_20051129.mp3 - best youth culture current affairs show in Australia.

Free (legal!) mp3's - don't say I never give you anything.


22nd July 2005

12:40am: That's right, mofos...
Just got back from the Melbourne advanced screening of Serenity and I have to admit it was a really great movie. I sort of went into this kind of expecting The X Files again, where it's bigger, longer but pretty much a glorified telemovie. This was a very good use of the time and scope that a movie allows.

The action was great, I really like that people seem to be moving away from wire work again. Not to say it should be fazed out, it just has its place. River's martial arts were really great, I couldn't stop thinking of a documentary I watched a few years back on aikido, all that circular movements and using the enemies' inertia against them.

I won't put any spoilers here, so your going to get many vague allusions and shallow comments, like, Sean Maher is very, very pretty. So pretty. Pretty. Also, Nathan Fillion looks a lot better with a haircut and about 30 feet high. Very manly and deeply passionate, which is exactly what he needed to be in order to carry this movie.

Gina Torres, baby, you can do no wrong. Gorgeous, poised, physically looks as though she was born with a gun in her hand and could beat you down without breaking a sweat. Could be a real star, if she got the right role. Probably won't, because if Angela Bassett is barely working, what hope is there for unestablished African-American actresses. Halle Berry and her non-union equivalent, Jada Pinkett-Smith are taking all the roles.

Adam Baldwin, great as usual. Alan Tudyk, underused but still great. Jewel Staite, just a big open wound of sentimentality. Summer Glau, really, really great. She wasn't my favourite character on Firefly, but she shined here, especially with Nathan Fillion. Who was definitely everything he needed to be, passionate, ruthless, loving and funny.

Sean Maher, still very, very pretty. Also, you really felt the dedication to his sister and the anger towards Mal. Like James Marsters was pretty in BtVS S2, except with good hair, non-giant forehead, un-weird chin and he doesn't look like a junkie. So nothing like James Marsters (hopefully at least not as deeply enthusiastic the way only Americans, and Steve Irwin, can be).

The guy who played the Operative (Elijah sumthinsumthin) was so damn ruthless and believed in what he was doing so much but without the illusions that most villians have, I liked him just for that.

This was a great movie, but a little bittersweet. It's like Joss worked out all his issues that really could have tripped this film up on Angel Season 5. Which suffered greatly because of Joss' issues, for instance, when Joss confused 'Wesley' and 'Fred' for 'Simon' and 'River' or 'Angel' for 'Mal'. It like he realised after Angel that leaders that make hypocritical and stupid plans on a regular basis probably shouldn't be followed blindly. They should be questioned and called on their shit, especially when they're hiding their own selfish reasons behind 'The Mission'. Mal is questioned constantly, he may not change the plan, but he is held accountable for his actions. He openly states his reasons, like 'I hate the Alliance' and 'Yes, I know this is petty, but I don't care'.

Well, that's the end of this rant. Remember, Sean Maher is very pretty.

12th July 2005

11:21pm: Hell Yeah!
I just booked me a Serenity ticket for Thursday week. (does a little dance) Between this and seeing Sin City this Thursday with the Uni folks, I'm golden. Now, if I can just get around to seeing Batman Begins, all my geeky aspirations will be complete.

9th July 2005

12:14am: You mock me with your fiendish .html, LiveJournal. So, I must link!

You won't ever be able to think of one without the other...
12:00am: I mock because I love.
Mwa ha ha!

7th July 2005

12:32am: Soylent Green!
*Channeling Charleton Heston* Boreanaz is Hasselhoff! God, No!

Oh, look! Adventures in html.
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10th June 2005

2:45pm: Tim Minear
Oh man, I was so excited to see that my non-Alexis-Denisof-TV-boyfriend Tim Minear was about to debut, I thought that I'd Limewire it and see if someone eager beaver had uploaded it yet. They hadn't, but there was beaver involved. NevereverEVER search "The Inside". So much porn, like, 1500 results. Also, a lot of Will Ferrell, read into that what you want.

Also Buffy.nu just had a quick summary of what S2 Tru Calling would have been like. Sad. Just as they introduced Jack, it started to get really interesting and this arc was really going to tap into the scary 'Angel' like moral decisions and consequences, especially with Teh Jane Espenson on the writing staff.

You probably haven't noticed my lack of internet presence, because I'm a lurker, but I've been at school roughly 12 hours a day for my photography Assessment. Absolute killer. About 5 guys with roughly 100 years of industry experience between them wander round making notes on an entire semester's worth of work, while you sit in the corner trying not to wet yourself. Also, I was 'lucky' to be the first person up... at 8.40 in the freakin' am. God dammit, I hate doing all nighters. They both suck and blow simultaneously.

All in all, I did pretty well though. Distinction in Lighting Techniques and I got a 72% on my Biological and Medical Illustration exam, which is a lot bet than some others that I saw while he flicked through the pile of tests.

Loitered around the studios until a few other people finished and went to breakfast. Good, relatively cheap and great hot chocolate. Also, Rachael confided in me that she's seen every Buffy episode ever. Heh, talk to me when you seen them 4 times over. Went home after that but not before falling asleep on the train.

Slept like a baby for 12 hours. So much like a baby that I woke up screaming when not one, but two of my calf muscles cramped up. So much pain and I couldn't really do anything about other than scream and cry and wait 'til it passed, so I could stretch it out. Oh, so bad. But sleep and holidays. And cable internet and Timmeh! Yay!

Also, Air's 'Walkie Talkie' is an exceedingly good album, especially to chill out to.

Rant out!
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16th March 2005

6:12pm: Thanks to everyone on my flist that had to put up with my fantastic notes on digital cameras. The fun of having a journal is being able to post stuff that no one has any interest in. Heh.

1st February 2005

12:11am: Big Day Out!
All right, I've had a day to recover. Now, is the time on Jessie's Livejournal where we gloat about the Big Day Out. For those of you that do't know what the Big Day Out is, just think Lollapalooza but ours went ahead instead of wussing out because of poor ticket sales. (Perry Farrell's a bitch!) Basically, a big rock festival that tours Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Now its important to keep in mind that the organizers have made sure that there is something for everyone (as opposed to Ozzfest which is metal), meaning that if you're a genre-whore like myself then there is often too much to see in one day.

Now onto the vaguely interesting part of my post. Band review.

The Donnas - Really, really great. I've been aware of them for a couple of years but haven't ever sat down and listened to an album. I might have to go out and by one. Musically, they sound very heavily Acca Dacca-influenced and have moved past The Ramones photocopy-style. I really enjoyed the last twenty minutes of their set (I woke up late) and hope they get famous enough so they don't get stuck with the 12.15 slot next time. I'm considering going and seeing their show on Wednesday if I can get tickets. (the best thing about the Big Day Out is that most bands do side gigs on the 3 days off between shows.) I must show respect to there guitarist Allison Robertson, some really great riffs and solos. I also heard them interviewed on Triple J talking about the fact that they liked Australia because we're less about the gimmick of an all-girl band and judge the music and the band, themselves. Nice. Also, very supportive of kids starting bands, just encouraging them to just play anything. Just googled their site and you can listen the snippets of their songs at www.thedonnas.com, if you so wish.

Eskimo Joe - I actually really like the singles these guys release and they've got critical acclaim from their last album, but their entire set was like a wet blanket, ranging from slow to mid-tempo. It was just unremarkable, they played a few singles, but nothing even close 'upbeat'. It was like listening to 'Yellow' by Coldplay for 45 minutes.

The Hives - Oh. My. God. These guys really fucking rock. (pushes 15 year-old teeny bopper back into the closet) Tyrannasaurus Hives was one of the best albums I bought in 2004 and they were one of the main reasons I wanted to go this year. I'm bummed I didn't go to the side show, because a 45 minute set wasn't enough. They sound great live, and the singer is just such a showman. You'd think he was being corny, but he comes across as really genuine, in a Swedish kind of way. And the guitarist, erik guitarson, looked like he was having a seizure for 45 minutes. I have to say I left the mosh pit halfway through, a bunch of wankers started a washing machine in the middle of the crowd, causing a binge-and-purge, I mean, surge every couple of minutes. That sucked mightily. I don't mind a tight crowd, having to actually focus on maintaining your balance while your trying to watch is so incredibly annoying. Still, they rocked hard. So very hard.

Little Birdy - I like these guys a lot and Jess Steel (or whatever her name is) has a great voice. I'm secretly very jealous that she only learnt to play guitar, like, 2 years ago. Fun country/rock, and not nearly as lame as it sounds

Le Tigre - I knew exactly two singles by this group. But I think that they are probably one of the best bands I saw all day. So much fun. Electronic beats and a really amazing energy/vibe. I danced the entire set and I'm not a dancer. Money Mark introduced them, I didn't see him but he popped up later playing organ for the Beastie Boys, so I'd really like to see what makes him so damn popular. They also get points for taking a demo thrown on stage by some band called UTI. (classy name)

Blues Explosion (formerly known as The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) - I like them, but they now live with the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in my mind as a set that consisted of songs that all sounded similar enough that I really didn't care either way.

The Streets - Great. I didn't even care about the slower stuff. Mike Skinner really gets into talking to the crowd and it's always good to see rap with a live band.

System of a Down - They all need hair cuts, all of them. But, they're still as good as they were last time in an angry, much older than there fan base way. They are what Linkin Park aspire to be. White boys with credibility.

Powderfinger - Meh. I like them on CDs better. Nothing wrong with them, I just didn't get pysched or mellow enough to get into it.

And last, but not least The Beastie Boys - I LOVE MIX MASTER MIKE. I always have and this just reaffirmed why. He just so damn good. And whats more, they spoofed Lil' Lleyton Hewitt just for Melbourne. C'MON! They did really needed another half hour, just to do Hey Ladies and Fight for Your Right. They brought out the drums etc and even jumped down into the bit in between the d-barrier and the crowd for Intergalactic. Really, really fun. Among other things they had a matrix style multiposition simultaneous image capture thing so they could do big jumps and then have them on the screens on stage a couple seconds later. (OT: All that kick ass stuff in the Matrix was perfected by a guy that went to my course. Cool.) Complaints: The guy that was flinging cards at AdRock and Mike D, whom then got threatened by the BB's personal sercurity gut. Also, girl who came and stood in front of me, 2 songs before the end of the set. Thats bad enough but you didn't even like the Beastie Boys, bitch. I have proof of this when she started tugging on her boyfriends arm half way through 'Sabotage'. I mean, Sabotage for chrissakes!

Rant out!

So, all in all, kick ass BDO. I'm sunburnt, sore and my ear are still ringing. Fun!

26th January 2005

4:27pm: Happy Australia Day!
Yay! The very first time I've updated this journal that hasn't involved half-finished essaya! *beams with pride* I'd like to say 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie' to Angeloz and Derry667 from ASSB and to the other various aussies that lurk around LJ land. If you're not listening to it, then log onto www.triplej.net.au and listen to the Triple J hottest 100 live. I'd be really surprised if Franz Ferdianand doesn't take out the top spot followed closely by Missy Higgins.
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